How Hang-Dry® Became a Reality

Before starting Hang-Dry® I worked as a commercial diver. The hassle of getting back into a wetsuit after a previous dive was always difficult and uncomfortable.

I had tried washing them by hand and letting them air-dry, but it just took too much time. To make matters worse, my mind always wandered as I got into a damp wetsuit thinking about what might be growing inside my dark wetsuit and definitely did not make me feel comfortable.

Have you ever tried to get in and out of a wet leather racing suit? It’s not easy.

While working as a commercial diver I would spend my free time riding motorcycles, doing track days and later on moving to road racing for over ten years. I would do anywhere from 8 to 10 races every weekend, and by the end of it my race suit was always saturated with perspiration and sometimes rain.

Like my wetsuits for diving, I tried to stop the odor and bacteria by washing my suits after my weekend races. It took too much time to air dry and I was concerned with just leaving it to air/sun dry.

As I looked for my own way to dry my suit, I did a lot of research about the effects of perspiration and bacteria growth within unventilated materials like leather. From there, Hang-Dry® was born, which has been directly inspired by helping others find a safe solution drying their suits and gear.

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