Hang-Dry gear dryer is proud to announce a partnership with Furygan one of the world leading motorbike safety gear out of France.
Together we will provide 2 amazing products, safety gear by Furygan and the Hang-Dry by Adrenaline City Racing, LLC.
By doing so we will insure that riders like Johann Zarco Moto2 World Champion, Sam Lowes Moto2, Mike Dimeglio MotoGP, Jules Danilo Moto3, Michael Dunlop TT Champion, Adrien Chareyre 4 times Supermoto World Champion, Anthony Delhalle Endurance World Champion and more will always go out on track with gear that is dry, clean, comfortable, and most importantly safe.
The Hang-Dry will prolong the life span of the gear by always keeping it dry thus making the Furygan gear last longer and safer.
Hang-Dry is grateful to have such a world class partner and we hope to have a long fruitful future together.
Special thank you goes out to Sam Lowes who has been a Hang-Dry user for years and helped create this partnership.
If you are interested in either product please go to the links below for more info or look us up on Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.
Johann Zarco Moto2 World ChampionSam Lowes Moto2 championship rider

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