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  • Hang-Dry® is used to dry many different suits and gear with the use of a high-powered fan that is built into the unit.
  • Hang-Dry® is built out of strong plastic and has a 12ft cord.
  • The Hang-Dry® is built to support around 100 lbs and the handle is used for transporting convenience.
  • The plastic tubular shape forces the air through the suit with pressure.
  • The fan is built out of die-cast aluminum housing and the impeller is steel that is directly welded onto the rotor. The fan is also built with a ball bearing.
  • The fan motor’s output is 250.1 cfms.
  • Hang-Dry® comes with a 5-year warranty, which is activated on date of purchase.
  • EMERGENCY PERSONAL:  For a P.O. please contact us via E-mail at sales@Hang-Dry.com.
  • We are not responsibly for duties, taxes, or fees when shipped out of the USA.
  • All refunds will have a 5% restocking fee.
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For a P.O. please contact us via E-mail at sales@Hang-Dry.com


We are not responsibly for duties, taxes, or fees when shipped out of the USA.

All refunds will have a 5% restocking fee.

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31 reviews

  1. Don Williams

    This is the only hanger you will ever need to buy for your race suit. It is well made and sturdy. It completely dries my suit in 30-45 min even on the hottest, and most sweaty days. Do yourself a favor and get one ASAP.

  2. Ryan Fleming

    There’s certain products that we have in our sport that are required and certain products that are just nice to have. The Hang Dry falls in the requirement category! Why spend $1,000 on your race suit just to destroy it with moisture. The hang dry is the only way to save your investment. Without it you’re basically throwing money out the window.

  3. CJ LaRoche

    The Hang-Dry is a must have for anyone who owns a race-suit, snow-suit, dive suit, etc! I put my suit on the Hang-Dry during lunch and it is dry for the afternoon sessions or races..Nice to see a product that is built to last! Thanks!!!

  4. Chris Tullock

    BIGGEST “HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT THIS BEFORE” Product I have in my paddock setup!! I can’t live without my Hang-dry!!! Get yours just like the MotoGP and WSBK Riders!!!!!!

  5. Bob Heinz

    This thing is amazing. Nothing like getting into a dry suit after lunch after sweating in it all morning!

  6. Keith Culver

    Love these things. Have them for all the instructors at the Yamaha Champions Riding School so our leathers are never wet and stinky.

  7. Grant Whitaker

    Top quality product, Helps out in the racing industry massively. I would highly recommend !!!

  8. Peter Huber

    Best dryer out there. Dries suits super fast and is a durable unit.

  9. B.j. De Jong

    Racing in the hot mid west, and having a Hang-Dry suit dryer kept my suit super nice, dry and fresh every track weekend. Hot days and rainy days, it dries your suit in minutes! Its in the bearracing pit every time I’m at the track. Its awesome quality and works wonders! #hangdry

  10. Robert Cichielo

    After getting one, I could not imagine NOT having it at the track.

  11. Scott Rybarik

    My first experience with a Hang-Dry was at the Yamaha Champions Riding School in Phoneix, AZ. I flew in one day and had to fly home immediately the next day. I mentioned that I wasn’t really thrilled to pack up my suit all sweaty and wet and one of the guys suggested that I try the Hang-Dry out. Needless to say I came away impressed, in just 30 minutes my suit was dry and ready to be packed and it didn’t stink a couple days later when I pulled it out. Needless to say, I thought that this was a thing that I needed to add to my kit.

    Fast forward a little bit to the beginning of the race season in Utah with the Utah Sportbike Association. It is usually very dry and hot here, but the first two rounds of this season have been exactly the opposite of that. All of my dread of soaking my suit in the rain and having to put it on wet the next day is gone. The Hang-Dry is powerful enough to dry out a completely soaked suit overnight.

    Aside from that, it’s sturdy, well thought out (the cord is of sufficient length to reach the pit power source without an extension) and designed with racers in mind. The top can double has a helmet dryer if you can avoid using the hanger part (very clever) and the thing is just obviously built to last.

    This is an A+ product and highly recommended.

  12. Brandon Cleland

    I took a pretty good tumble and rolled into a mud patch. I had to wash the suit to get all the mud off and my hang-dryer came to the rescue. It completely dried my suit in very little time. The suit never would have dried in time without it. Big WIN! Thanks Hang-Dry

  13. Tomer Levy

    **The Hang-Dry product is a perfect answer to our sweaty suit needs. Whether it is after a practice session or a long enduro, I always hang my suit back up on the Hang-Dry. The construction of the product is great and seems like it will last for years to come.**


    Cody A Ellsworth

  14. Eziah Davis

    Week in and week out the Hang-Dry unit is what keeps a ride ready at all times! Being able to dry my suits out in such little time makes me a believer even more of the product! It has helped me on multiple weekends when is 95 degrees or when I get off from a rain race! My suits don’t ever shrink due to the high powered fans which keeps my suit feeling brand new! I’m a proud owner of a Hang-dry unit an sponsored rider for AdrenalineCityRacing!

  15. Scott Russell

    I recommend anybody who has a set of leathers to add this to your program. The Hang-Dry hanger is an awesome product!! Its so nice to get back in your suit and it be nice and dry. We use them at the Yamaha Champions riding school. Get yours now.

  16. Joshua Plumeri

    Well i would like to say i was approached by this from a friend to try out for my fire department turn out gear, and i said well let me go get my gear soaking wet with a friend, we soaked our gear equally, we went back to the fire house and i hung my gear up on the HANG-DRY and he hung his up on the 3000$ machine the department has purchased a few years back needless to say the little hang dry did just as well as the big gear dryer we have, The Fire departments gear dryer has a heat option so it had the upper hand i feel ,because the hang dry had 65 degree air to blow, Im positive, if it was warmer out that night the hang dry would of surpassed the big dryer! and i must comment on its size and price its no brainer. and plus wet gear for firefighters is a bad thing. If you go into a burning building with your gear soaked you can actually get steamed to death, just like a lobster. so a simple cheap option to keeping your gear dry and safe is a life saver, im glad my friend over at vernon powersports showed me this HANG-DRY

  17. Rich Quinlan

    It’s not just for racers! When I’m not using it on my leathers or undersuit between / after races, my wife steals it and uses it with her fencing gear, since they sweat in competition nearly as much as we do.
    What’s cool (no pun intended) is that even though her uniform is 2 pieces (the pants separate from the jacket), there’s still a decent amount of air coming out the bottom of the pants, even with the gap between the jacket and the pants being an easy way out for airflow. I doubt it would work as well with the weaker fans in the ‘other’ ones!

  18. Tony Wang

    The fit and finish of the product is fantastic! Its very durable. I can throw it in my gear bag and not worry about it. The cord is very sturdy! Worth every penny!

  19. Anthony Mazziotto

    In my few years racing motorcycles I take for granted having a dry suit every time I hit the track. There are many people out there though that I know of that do not have a Hang Dry. Many of times I think back to myself wondering how it would be wearing a wet suit before my next race. I am very grateful for my Hang Dry and I am starting to spread the word that the Hang Dry is a must have. No one should ever have to wear a wet soggy suit ever. The Hang Dry is what everyone says it is so don’t be afraid that you’re going to buy it and not like it. I have not yet have one issue with my Hang Dry and I have had the same unit for over 4 years. The product works and is built to last. Definitely an item to add to your list.

  20. David Brooks

    I see people wasting money on inferior products that claim to do the same thing, hate to tell them but they are wrong. These are built to last and there is no comparison. Before buying I looked at some of the cheaper ones people had bought and not only were they nowhere near as well built some of them were rather warm while in use, I would be afraid to leave them running unattended in my trailer. No such problems with this unit, very sturdy, moves a lot of air and runs cool.

    I use Barnacle Bill for all my leather repair/care and I can’t begin to tell you how many suits he sees that got ruined early by people storing them damp. Mildew starts and just “eats” the leather. I’ve been at his shop and seen suits only a couple of years old that the leather was “rotten” as he calls it, you could grab it and just tear it by hand. That costs people a lot more money than buying one of these and taking proper care of their equipment.

  21. Bill Herder

    A quick “review” or “thumbs up” from me as well. When a company designs and builds a good product and then also provides good service, they ought to get credit.

    I was on the fence between one of these – and one of the more “lower cost” alternatives out there. Based on the relationship between Hang-Dry and YCRS and N2, as well as some other feedback, I belatedly decided maybe it would be nice to have one for Jennings the weekend before last.

    Except I waited until 3 days before I was leaving to call…..

    Long story short, talked to Tomer, and he got one packed and on the way to me within hours of the call (on a Friday) and it was waiting at home on Monday. The thing is pretty substantially built and extremely sturdy.

    Better yet, at Jennings on Friday and Saturday, I took my leathers off at lunch break and used the Hang-Dry. By the time I put them back on after lunch, they were completely dried out. Sure, it wasn’t 95 degrees out, but it was definitely warm enough that you were sweating on the track. The Hang-Dry unit never got “hot” or struggled in the least. And frankly, I think the large footprint of the unit helps to keep the shoulders of your leathers just right. I also stuck my gloves kind of on top of it, and it pretty much took care of them too.

    Yeah, it’s not the cheapest unit out there. But it’s pretty impressive, and certainly worth the money as far as I’m concerned. I should have bought one already.

  22. Fire Chief Michael Ambriscoe

    The Chatham Fire-Rescue Department uses the Hang-Dry unit to dry the water rescue team’s dry suits. The dryer performs well and doesen’t damage the suits. I choose this unit because it has a higher CFM rating than the other units I considered. It didn’t take long for us to start using the Hang-Dry for drying the fire department PPE. I am very happy with the unit’s performance as it is still working well after the heavy use it gets.

  23. Ron

    I bought this Hang Dry while attending at YCRS school at New Jersey Motorsports Park in July. Hot conditions left my suit drenched after every session. Humidity was very high so my leathers were not going to dry out without some sort of dryer.
    This Hang Dry works exceptionally fast and well. Simple, easy to use and really durable. If you have racing leathers you need one of these.

  24. Juan Gooch

    Hang-Dry… it has been incredible over the past several months. It’s been so incredibly hot and my suit feels like I was riding in the rain when I take it off. My Hang Dry gets it nice, dry and ready for my next use, which is usually within an hour… I’d been toying with the idea of getting one, and when I finally dropped the dough on a custom suit, I wanted to do everything possible to keep it nice. The first thing I purchased after my suit arrived, was my Hang-Dry! Every suit deserves one!

  25. Jim Topoleski, Battalion Chief at Redlands Fire Department, CA.

    The Hang-Dry is a genius step in reducing unneeded costs in the fire service. We utilize the hangers to air-dry our structural firefighting garments without the use conventional dryers or the use of expensive specialized drying cabinets. For a fraction of the cost we can dry our safety garments in a simple low-tech manner without having to spend thousands of dollars. A definite plus for the taxpayers and firefighters.

  26. Jason Bernfeld

    Great concept, design and product. It works great to dry our fire gear, we’ve purchased 15 of them in total to keep at different fire stations for the guy’s to use to dry their gear after a call. These are portable and take up little space and also allow the firefighter to dry the gear in their gear rack space. No heavy duty electric required. Just plugs into normal outlet.

    We won’t be going back to a traditional gear drying rack after using these.

    Highly recommended.

  27. Jack Ferguson (verified owner)

    Tom’s customer service is top notch! He really took a personal interest in my order and made sure I received my Hang Dry in time for Road Atlanta July 8-9. What an incredible tool to protect my race suit which in turn protects me. I used it after every session. It was an incredibly hot track weekend and I sweat a lot! My suit was dry and ready to go for each session. Hang Dry is a must have for many reasons. It is an investment to protect the investment I made in my race leathers.

  28. Chief Robert Duval – Atwood Hose Fire Company Wauregan, CT

    We use two Hang Dry units to dry fire fighting turnout gear after decontamination/washing. Being a small volunteer fire company, we do not have the room or the funds to purchase an expensive gear dryer. These units are a great alternative. We can dry two entire sets of gear at one time. We have the units attached to a timer so we can set it and forget it. When we return the gear is dry and ready to put back in service.

  29. Charles B (verified owner)

    I bought this to care for a new custom leather motorcycle suit. The unit is incredibly robust and flows a serious amount of air. It’s so effective that I was able to dry multiple suits while packing the rest of the riding gear and everything as dry before it was time to leave.

    Attach your gloves to the sleeves and put your pant legs into the boots and everything will be dry in short order.

    Tom, make a helmet dryer – please!!!

  30. Tom A Marcum

    Purchased 2 Hang Dryers for our volunteer Dept and within a week they’ve been used multiple times. Love the ease and convenience of set up and dry time. Compact size and set up allows for cramped quarters to be a non-issue. Great product!

  31. John Simpson

    Picked one up and LOVE IT!!!! I am a Volunteer Firefighter. We have no money for fancy dryers and such. Tried this the other day after a HUE structure fire. While our bunker gear is designed to not let heat in and to protect us, it has one BIG drawback, it wont let heat and perspiration OUT. Not unusual for my bunker gear to be as wet fro seat on the inside as it is water and crap on the outside. after washing my gear it is only supposed to be air dried. Tried the Hang-Dry and it was dry within hours. Our department only has one set of gear per firefighter at best. Some new guys don’t even have any, yet. This is a game changer and help make sure we have wearable gear in the outside chance we have overlapping calls. GREAT PRODUCT!

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